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Calibrations & Repairs


Our Calibration & Certification services include but are not limited to industrial process instrumentation, laboratory equipment, calibrators, gas detection, torque instruments and analyzers. All repairs performed meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Instrument Calibration

Our qualified technicians have the training and equipment necessary to test and verify the accuracy of process control instrumentation, laboratory equipment, calibrators, gas detectors, torque instruments, analyzers and much more. They will use the OEM stated procedure to correct any inaccuracies and document their findings. If necessary, we can do remote calibrations which will allow us to test the equipment without removing it from its location or disturbing the normal process of operation.

 Calibration Certification

We can provide calibration service, documentation & certificates of calibration to meet the required testing standards for process control and monitoring instrumentation in the manufacturing environment.

 N.I.S.T. Traceability Certification

Our test equipment is maintained and tested against known standards at a qualified calibration lab. All documentation necessary to show good working order and traceability to the N.I.S.T. is kept on file at our facility and is provided upon request or as required by testing specifications.

Instrument Repair & Process Control Services

Our experienced technicians can trouble shoot and service all types of instruments: Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow, PH and more. We also service process instruments from all types of industries; and, we offer a remote calibration service for customers with large equipment that cannot be removed from the job site.

Instrument Training

We can supply trained technical personnel to provide in-house training and consultation to plant personnel involved in Instrument/Electronic equipment maintenance and repair.



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